I started writing software as a kid in BASIC on my Commodore 64. I switched to an IBM AT machine as a teen and continued writing in BASIC for DOS and later Visual Basic for Windows. I've then switched to Pascal and later on to C/C++. I had then my first contacts with Linux, that later became my primary working platform, and transitioned to Java as main development language. Nowadays I can also use interpreted languages like Perl and Python and also develop for the Android mobile platform.

The Origin

Various software I wrote as a teen, mostly during high school time (1990-1995).

  • Formula 1, statistics and history manager for the Formula 1 World Championship.
  • Serie A, Italian "Serie A" football championship manager.


Software written for the Windows platform.

  • CBLock, enabler/disabler for the restrict run mode of Windows 95.
  • ttgw, instant messenger platform for corporate environments.


Software written for Linux.

  • etmchat, chat system for internet and public places.
  • etmnet, internet workstation for public places.
  • mailcgi, web SMTP/POP3 client.
  • MSysM modules, additional modules for the MSysM system monitor.
  • rmdm, X Windows display manager.
  • ttgw, instant messenger platform for corporate environments.


Software written in Java.

Maven, Spring and Hibernate have no home here!


Software written for Android based devices.

  • Omat lähdöt, real time information about departures from public transportation stops in the Helsinki area.