My name is Roberto and I'm also known on the net as robyf. I was born in 1976 in Italy and I lived the first 30 years of my life there. At the end of my 20s an early midlife crisis hit me and I started wondering was Italy the right place for me, and the result of it was that in 2006 I moved to Helsinki, Finland, where I currently live (and no, I have never seen a polar bear on the streets here!).

I have a 20 years work experience in the IT field in multiple roles (developer, software architect, network architect, scrummaster, product owner, etc) and besides that I have many hobbies. Photography is my main one, I can take literally thousands of picture in a day if I feel like that. Many of the pictures I've taken are visible in the photography section. Another very important hobby is music: I listen to it all the time and I also try composing my own one. Some songs I composed can be listened in the music section. Other hobbies include motor sports, tennis, bowling and fishing. And I really like cats!

Product developer at heart, my passion is to build great software products from idea to production and then to carry them on and evolve them throughout their entire lifecycle. With 25+ years of experience in this field I know when it's time to look for the big picture and when details are important, when to strive for perfection and when to put a more pragmatic approach. My work history proves that I can be proficient in both technical and more team-oriented roles, with also the ability of coach and grow a development team. I believe in short feedback cycles so I use, when developing, methodologies like TDD/BDD and continuous integration as much as I can, while as product owner I believe in prototyping, early end-user testing and plan-do-check-act. And last but not least I'm a really good problem solver and troubleshooter in emergency situations.

For more details see my LinkedIn profile.