Music is a very important part of my life (and I'm sure that if my lower secondary school music teacher could hear this she would be really appalled!). I listed to it every time I can! I like various genres, but my favourite one is definitely progressive. Besides that I could be found listening to rock, metal, pop, jazz. My favourite artists include New Trolls, Asia, Dream Theater, Toto, Johanna Iivanainen, Susanna Lukkarinen, Club for five and many others.

After thinking about it for about 20 years I finally decided to try and learn to play an instrument. I started with a Yamaha PSR E323 digital keyboard and then upgraded it to a Yamaha P-155 digital piano. I've been taking lessons as jazz pianist in the last 3 years and from time to time I also try to compose my own music.

Music I've composed and/or performed

Even eights jazz ballad
Piano ballad