Curriculum Vitae

Born on July 30th, 1976 in Alessandria, Italy.


Studying Telecommunication Engineering (BEng) at Politecnico di Milano university 1995-2001.
Secondary school degree in 1995 with 52/60 rating at "ITIS" E. Mattei in San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy.

Professional experience

Helsinki, Finland
Lead Developer, Compliance (January 2016 - )

Helsinki, Finland
Performance and Security Architect (August 2011 - December 2015)
Development and maintenance of the in-house performance test framework. Assessment of the overall system performance at every production release (every month), giving green or red light.
Consulting development teams on security related matters. Acting as project manager towards third party providers for security assessments and trainings.
Participating in the group that defines the company wide architecture and in the one that defines the company wide security policies.
Also acting Lead Architect June-November 2014 and October-December 2015.

Huitale Oy
Helsinki, Finland
Lead developer / Partner (September 2007 - March 2012)
Development of, a consumer portal active in Finland. It has been built on top of the Apache Wicket framework and MySQL and, thanks to the extensive usage of agile metodologies and engineering practices it's possible to release new feature in production every day. Some other key figures: from the beginning of the project to release: 120 days, about 14000 lines of code, about 400 automated test cases and about 30 bugs found in production, all by us Huitale developers, most of them crossbrowser layout issues.
Development of the in-house data mining platform that allows us to follow different metrics regarding the site usage.

Helsinki, Finland
Architect (July 2009 - July 2011)
Coordinating the work of 7 development teams (located in Helsinki, Mariehamn, Tallinn and Stockholm), ensuring that the software they produce respect the company's quality standard and guiding them towards that target.
Continuing developing new features on the internal gaming platform.
Participating in the group that defines the company wide architecture.

Helsinki, Finland
Senior software developer / Certified ScrumMaster * (December 2006 - June 2009)
Scrummastering the lotteries & bingo team, started in September 2008, that has as mission to be better than market standards in one of our weakest areas. The team delivered content to production in all the company releases after its creation, significantly improving the revenue in our product area.
Before that, been part, as Senior Software Developer and eventually as ScrumMaster of a team who developed a new platform that will in the future host tens of online money games (moving every day millions of euros).
When Paf and EGET were still two separate companies together with my team we pioneered scrum in the organization.

* ScrumMaster is one of the three roles in Scrum. ScrumMaster's duties are to coach the team, enforce that they'll follow the rules, shield them from external influences and remove their impediments so that work can be carried out in the best possible way. ScrumMaster's duties are also to facilitate creativity and empowerment and improve engineering practices so that every functionality increment is potentially shippable.

Kedrios S.p.A.
Milano, Italy
Senior analyst (July 2005 - November 2006)
Development of an application for managing common investment funds holders (both open and hedge), under the role of back-end (database implementations and access) technical manager, technical analyst, developer, team leader. The application is based on IBM WebSphere 6 and SOA design. IBM DB2 database design and tuning.

e.Dexter S.p.A. / Alchera Solutions S.p.A.
Milano, Italy
R&D Department Manager (June 2000 - July 2005)
Development of e.Commerce web sites with IBM Net.Commerce and IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite.
Manager of WSH project (building of a J2EE content management platform), that produced a platform for handling internet portals using IBM WebSphere and Jboss, under the role of architect, analyst and developer.
Manager of R&D Department, a 6 people department responsible of keeping abreast of recent technologies and apply them in the company software projects.
Technical manager of company office in Milano, Team Leader.

Epsilan s.r.l.
Milano, Italy
Developer / Business unit vice-manager (March 1999 - June 2000)
Development of e.Commerce web sites with IBM Net.Commerce 3.1.2 (Windows / AIX).
In this period I worked, through Epsilan s.r.l, for OneWeb (part of IBM Italy) developing “zivago” (Italian e.Commerce of books and music cds) and other e.Commerce projects.

Metropolis telematica s.r.l.
Mediglia (MI), Italy
Developer / Network administrator (August 1995 - February 1999)
Development of videotext applications using ANSI C and C++ (Linux).
Design and management of internal LAN, management of WAN (300 access point all over Italy, dial-up, leased X25 and internet), server farm management.
Development of a radius/tacacs+ authentication daemon.

Professional training

Professional certifications


Professional interests

Object Oriented Analisys, -Design and -Programming; Design Patterns; Agile methods such as Scrum; Java.
Doing profitable work for a respectable company, making quality software with good people and learning new things. Solving real problems instead of theoretical ones.
Working with people who care about what they do in an environment that values honesty, professionalism, and good people over processes. And having fun – time permitting.



Learning to play piano, Photography, Tennis, Motor sports, Listening to music (especially live), Reading, Bowling, Fishing